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Vintage Pottery Pot Moroccan vase Arabian Art


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Vintage Pottery Pot Moroccan vase Arabian Art


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Vintage Pottery Pot Moroccan vase Arabian Art


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Vintage Pottery Pot Moroccan vase Arabian Art


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Vintage Pottery Pot Moroccan vase Arabian Art


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Let’s make your space a unique place is the best place to find your gorgeous rug. At Ibaba, we create high quality Moroccan rug that are handmade from scratch. Famed for their incredible quality and their rich designs that capture the heart of berber culture and life, there is much to love about these products.

We use only the finest materials, and We’re working with natural resources to ensure that our rugs are designed to last. All of our staff are passionate about decor, and look to create rugs that carry a story. Because When we pair our passion for quality and craftsmanship with stunning and stylish designs, we create pieces of art that carry a sense of genuine love.

At IbabaHome, we are proud of our project to create gorgeous rugs that carry a rich tapestry of designs. From craftsmen to loving housewives who design rugs as their passion, Threfor, our products are a happy mixture of love, care, and quality crafting.

Whether you are designing a new residential property or you run a restaurant, hotel, resort, or even an office, you can benefit from the Moroccan rug. Why, though? What makes our designs the best choice for you?

Handmade by indigenous people. Each of our Moroccan rugs come from an individual who has a long connected history to Moroccan life and culture. Our rugs are not imitations of the famous art – they are the real thing. Unique designs from each region. Morocco is a beautiful, diverse nation filled with numerous design philosophies. Our pieces of art come in various styles, ensuring that each rug we provide can tell its own story to your guests. Dynamic, bold designs. We ensure that you are buying rugs that can add an infusion of colour, character, and charm to any location.

Exotic, energetic imagery. We capture the rich beauty of North African and Saharan life, capturing the energy and culture that makes Morocco one of the most welcoming and enjoyable countries in the world to visit and live-in. A commitment to quality. With each rug handmade by our crafting experts, our rugs can take anything from weeks to months to create. This leaves each rug a mini-masterpiece that can be used to help decorate any are for years to come.

Durable and made to last. On top of gorgeous designs, all of our Moroccan rugs are designed to last for many years to come. With cleaning every six to twelve months, your chosen rug could become a lifelong heirloom passed on to your future generations.

Feel like your place of living or working needs an extra injection of colour, class, and storytelling? Then invest in one of our gorgeous Moroccan rugs. This can be the ideal solution to ensure your property feels as warm and as welcoming as the nation of Morocco itself!

One tree for every purchase has partnered with Eden Reforestation Project to plant a tree for every purchase. Eden Reforestation is a nonprofit organization that works in developing countries to rebuild natural landscapes destroyed by deforestation.

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All our product are handmade with high quality materials

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IbabaHome is an major actor in fair trade in Morocco.

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