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How to take care of your Moroccan rug

Tamlat-Shag Moroccan Rug-Beni Ourain (3'9" x 2'6")

If you have decided to make an investment in a Moroccan rug, you have made a very wise decision. These erudite and artistic decorations can infuse character, life, and history into any household or place of work. However, once you make your investment, you want to ensure that your rug stays in the best condition that it can. To do that, we highly recommend that you learn how to take care of your Moroccan rug.

Caring for one of our rugs at IBABA can be confusing at first, but the process is much easier than you might assume. To help you make sure you can care for your Moroccan rug, here are some essential rug care tips to take into consideration.

Caring for your Moroccan rug

To start off with, caring for a Moroccan rug is easy enough – and in many ways it does not differ from other rugs. For example, you are totally free to vacuum your Moroccan rug. You can use a vacuum on these rugs without harming the materials or causing them to lift, part, or strain. So, do not worry about using a vacuum cleaner – it will not cause any damage!

To wash a Moroccan rug, you should do so using a hand wash. This might take some time, but the results are much more likely to avoid any potential damage to the materials. Start off by using cold water and laundry soap, and wash it down with your hands. This will take time, yes, but your rug will look and feel much better than it would with a more manual wash.

Once you are finished, you should rinse down your Moroccan rug using a garden hose for the best results. This will get rid of any soapy residue. Once washed and rinsed, you should leave your Moroccan rug out in the sun to dry for a full day. We recommend waiting until a warm, dry day before washing your Moroccan rug for this reason.

You should not put your rug back down on the floor until it is 100% dry. If you sense any dampness, wetness, or general humidity, you should definitely put your Moroccan rug back out to dry until it is 100% dry.

If you have an industrial-sized washing machine, you could wash your Moroccan rug in that. Use cold water and the most delicate wash cycle you can. Never let your rug sit in the machine after washing, as it could force the colours to run. Follow the same natural drying technique as listed above.

What about spills on your Moroccan rug?

Have you spilled something such as wine or coffee on your Moroccan rug? Oh no! Don’t worry, though; the solution is simple.

  1. Dab down the spot that has been impacted with paper towels, and then immediately apply some baking soda to the impacted spot.
  2. This should soak up some of the liquid. Now, wait a few moments, and vacuum the spot.
  3. For tougher stains, use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to help lift the toughness and the intensity of the strain.
  4. For more serious stains, a 1-to-1 mixture of vinegar and cold water can be a good start; let this soak in for 10 minutes, and then use a soft bristle brush to work the mixture through the rug.

Using a professional to clean your Moroccan rug

Some people will feel more comfortable turning to a professional to clean their Moroccan rug. We recommend this if you are unsure about the cleaning arrangements. They can conduct a careful, precise cleaning methodology that will ensure colours do not run and quality is not impacted whatsoever.

For more thorough washing and drying sessions, we recommend allowing a professional to manage the cleaning process. They are more likely to get the mixture and the intensity of the wash right, ensuring that no damage is done to the natural colour of your rug.

Storing your Moroccan rug

If you intend to store your Moroccan rug away for a period of time, then make sure you store it freshly. Do not store your rug in a bag. Many people do this and find that it can ruin the lustre and look of the rug. Instead, it is better to roll the rug up and stand it upright, free from any constraints or coverings.

As ever, make sure you are gentle when cleaning rugs – especially shaggy rugs – and you can ensure that stains are removed without harming the original product underneath. Taking care of a Moroccan rug is not hard if you follow the steps. If you ever feel uncertain, though, it is better to contact a professional to assist you in the cleaning process for the best results overall.

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