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How to Choose The Perfect Rugs For Your Home?

Moroccan rugs

If you are planning to update the decor of your home, rugs are the way to go! Luckily, installing rugs is relatively inexpensive. However, it is necessary to select the perfect design and quality for your home. It makes choosing perfect rugs a must.

To choose the perfect rug for your home, choose a rug of good quality. Good quality rugs will be better able to protect themselves from wear and tear; they will be long-lasting. Moreover, designs and size matter as well. The design and size should match the theme of your room.

Sounds simple, right? Maybe it is. But the perfect rug for your home depends on a bunch of other things like your choice, affordability, and your house, of course. For instance, Moroccan rugs may be suitable for urban modern or vintage rooms, while handmade rugs would style traditional homes better. So let’s look into the steps to choose the perfect rugs more closely. 

Steps To Choose The Perfect Rugs For Your Home

When choosing rugs for your home, there are so many options in the stores. It may become confusing. Thus, here are the steps to choose the perfect rugs for your home:

Determine The Theme Of Your Room

The type of rug will depend on the room. Not all types of rugs will suit all types of rooms. It means that you should choose specific types of rugs for each area in your home.

For example, you should incorporate bedroom rugs on the floor near the bed. It is recommended to keep the color of the rugs light. Light colors for the bedroom are a contrast to the furniture around it- the bed, the dressing table, etc. They also look peaceful with fewer patterns on them.

Larger patterns attract attention on the floor, and you wouldn’t want that in bedrooms.

Rugs for living rooms are usually vibrant. These should be able to attract the guests. You may use custom rugs in living rooms. Since it is usually where the guests sit to rest, your rugs should reflect your personality. Fortunately, that is what custom rugs do.

Check out our collection of rugs to get a better understanding of how various types can add different sorts of aesthetics to your room.

On the other hand, bathrooms also need rugs. Rugs for bathrooms should be of high quality. They might experience more traffic, frequent water splashes, hot steam, and so on. Long-lasting rugs are recommended for bathrooms. Additionally, large bathroom rugs may often look odd. Thus, try getting a medium-size rug for your bathroom.

For dining rooms, a rug that is less prone to scratches is suitable. It is because the floors in the dining room experience dragging of chairs or food spillage. Remember to choose a rug that is easy to clean.

Plan The Size Of The Rug

According to the size of the room, plan the size of the rug. You can start by measuring the room and then deciding the dimensions of your rug. Rugs look best when they are near the size of the room. It is especially true in the case of living rooms and bedrooms. Large-sized rugs look better in these rooms than small rugs.

A perfect rug should be large enough to touch all the furniture of the room. It should look like it is bringing all the furniture together. To avoid a floating rug, it may as well go under the furniture; this way it might look more organized. However, small ones should not step on the rug’s edges. It may lead to an imbalance that may make frequent noises.

Sometimes, the room might not need a large-size rug. To determine the size of rug it needs, try getting a visual of the size. To do this, grab some newspapers or unwanted papers. Cover the floor with paper to get an idea of the appropriate size. It should not look too big or small for the room. If it looks good, measure its perimeters and get a rug size accordingly.

It is worth noting that the size of the rug should be able to cover the walkway completely. It should not cover it halfway with the remaining walkway exposed. People might slip, and it could lead to minor or major injuries. Thus, plan a size long enough to cover it or a size that leaves it completely exposed.

Select A Particular Shape

Even if the shape of your house is rectangular, it is not necessary to choose a rectangular shape. A round, oval, or square-shaped rug might look even better on the floor. But again, it depends on the room and its furniture.

Laying a round-shape rug under a circular dining table will look more appropriate than placing a rectangular rug under it. It will look more arranged as it will match the furniture around or on top of it. Similarly, keeping a round rug under a chair and a pouf elegantly decorates the room. Usually, making this arrangement in a relatively small living room makes it more appealing.

In contrast, an oval-shaped rug will suit a large hallway. Not always does a runner rug look good on the hallway floors. An oval-shaped rug may bring a unique look to your hallway, living room, and entryway. Moreover, you also place it underneath an oval dining table to make the dining room look more elegant.

Choosing square-shaped rugs is always great for square-shaped rooms. Even without square-shaped rooms, you can use it for rectangular rooms. A small square-sized rug in a large room will attract attention. However, the outlook of it should match with the theme of the room.

Consider The Features Or The Outlook Of The Rug

The main features of a rug include its color, pattern, and style. It will represent the personality of the person living in it without being too loud. It can either be simple or bold.

Choosing a rug with large patterns can define the floors better than if it was plain. Large patterns include Moroccan rugs. These rugs will look traditional as they will represent the tribal people of Morocco. In contrast, there are also contemporary or small-scale patterns. Any pattern will work as long as it goes with the room theme, given that the owner likes it.

The color of the rug should also match the owner’s tastes and the room. If the furniture of the room is dark, a light-color one will look better on the floors. It will make the furniture look vibrant and make the room look bright without inviting darkness.

On the other hand, colorful rugs will also make the room look more vibrant. It looks better in a room full of white furniture. You may also match its color with the color of the walls or surroundings. Matching the colors or staying within a color palette maintains a theme.

Select The Material Of The Rug

The material of the rug is one of the most significant parts that make up a perfect rug. It determines the quality, the length of time it can last, and comfort. The most common materials are acrylic, polypropylene, and viscose.

Get an acrylic rug if you have dogs or babies. It is because these rugs can be easy to clean with less shedding. They often look like wool as they are sometimes woven. Easier maintenance is what attracts customers to acrylic rugs.

On the other hand, you may use polypropylene rugs in the hallway or dining room. It can survive a lot of traffic and can be easy to maintain. The best it can offer is a high level of comfort. However, viscose rugs may not be durable for all types of rooms.

Search For A Rug With A Rug Pad

Thin non-slip rug pads help the rug stay in its place. Sometimes, rug pads are sold with rugs. But if you don’t get it with them, purchase them separately. Rug pads made from rubber or jute provide the best service. It will add a final touch to a perfect rug for your home.

Make sure the rug pad is not thick with any patterns on it. It is because patterned or waffle-type pads leave creases and wrinkles on the rugs. As a result, they will not look plain and smooth.

The size of the rug pad should also match the size of the rug. Measure to cut off any extra parts of the rug pad; it will help it fit the rug without being visible. To be accurate, trim it to make the pad an inch shorter from all the sides.


To choose the perfect rugs for your home, it is necessary to consider all the details of the rug. It may remain on the floor for a long time, thus give it some time while choosing its colors, patterns, and style.

Overall, Handmade rugs are particularly good as they are long lasting. But if you are more into traditional styles, Moroccan rugs are the way to go. We wish you all the luck choosing the perfect rug for your home. Thank you for stopping by!

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